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The origin of names has been bugging the absolute shuck out of me. Today I wrote down all the characters that I could remember from Group A (I had to do it from memory since I let my friend borrow the books), and tried to come up with a significant historical figure for them to be named after. Of course, there’s the obvious ones that we all know like Thomas, Alby, etc; but what about the Gladers who only got mentioned once or twice throughout the whole series? I included all the names I could remember. Some extremely minor names may have slipped my mind, and some names might not have actually existed.. ^^;; 

Alby - Albert Einstein
Thomas - Thomas Edison
Chuck - Charles Dickens
Newt - Isaac Newton
Teresa - Mother Teresa
Ben - Benjamin Franklin
Minho -  Dashner has said that Minho is someone not from our present or past, but our future. I like to think that’s a load of klunk and he was named after Minho Choi.
Zart - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Winston - Winston Churchill
Gally - Galileo Galilei
Nick - Nikola Tesla
Stephen - Stephen Hawking
 or Stephen King
Frankie - Franklin D. Roosevelt
Clint - George Clinton
Jeff - Thomas Jefferson
Jack - Possibly Jack the Ripper. Only significant Jack I could think of.
Tim - Possibly Tim Berners Lee
Stan - I like to think this kid was named after Stan Lee, because that would be awesome.
Jackson - Possibly Andrew Jackson.
Frypan - Frypan’s real name was Siggy, short for Sigmund Freud. This was confirmed by Dashner.

If I had my books I’d go through them and record all the names but I don’t right now so if you all can think of anyone I’ve missed, or can think of better suggestions for the Gladers namesakes, just let me know and I’ll fix the list :) AT THIS MOMENT I’M ONLY DOING GROUP A.

Also, since there was many Gladers that weren’t actually ever mentioned, I have a list of names and namesakes that I came up with today to give those nameless and faceless warriors some significance. If any of you are interested in seeing the names so far, let me know and I’ll post it :) 

This has been the ramblings of an extremely bored History and English Major. Hope you guys like and appreciate it! :D

John F. Kennedy was called Jack, and Tim could also be Timothy Leary famous psychologist?

Poor Issac Newton.



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Welcome to the depressing and heart-destroying part of the fandom ;~; 


Yeah, Thomas, ok, you are sort of between Teresa and Brenda and all that crap but, dude

all I want is that my babies Newt and Minho survive this shit, I don’t care about how you let your dick guide you like Jack Sparrow’s compass

Newt I love you, if you die, the prequel can go fuck itself. Not really, I’ll probably read it anyway, but well

and yes, I haven’t finished reading “The Death Cure” yet, I’m in the middle, so don’t go all “but if X died D:” or “omg but Thomas does X thing later” or anything on me, no spoilers please, let me rant

The Gladers are here for you when you finish, darlin’.

In that moment, he swore to never tell Minho what he’d done to Newt. – The Death Cure pg 319 (via thevesk)
One of my favorite Death Cure quotes:


“Awww,” Minho said. “That’s almost as sweet as that time she slammed the end of a spear into your shuck face.”  

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